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Clown Through Mask

Richard Pochinko (1946-1989) was born in Manitoba and raised on a farm. After studying clown technique in Paris with Jacques Lecoq, Richard came back to North America and worked with a spirit-guide, named Jonsmith, who taught him about Native tradition and mask perspective. These two methods came together to create the Pochinko Technique. 

Richard has said that the core of his method is the idea that if we face all directions of ourselves (North, East, South, West, Up and Down), we will find the wonder and beauty that is in us - essentially our clown. 

We start with Neutral Mask. Neutral focuses on Necessity, Economy, and Universality. Every movement, every emotion, every impulse is only done out of complete necessity and only when economical. When a person is in Neutral, they are universal - they could be anyone in that moment. 

Next, we make clay masks from 6 impulses. We keep our eyes closed when moulding the clay so that each impulse completely takes over. We paper each mask and paint them. We wear and explore each mask giving them life and finding their innocence and experience.

The 7th and final mask, is the nose. We use this small red mask to draw out our vulnerability, truth, and core innocence. We have all our experience and live 100% in the present - no past or future. The clown lives in a state of constant discovery and play, and shares that with the audience with all their truth. 

Colours, Chakras, The Elements, The Directions, and the Native Medicine Wheel are all connected in the process to clown. 

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