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a Show about Mental Illness

“Silenced” is a very personal and honest account of mental illness. It is based on the life of the artist. The hope in sharing this story is that others may feel comfort in knowing they are not alone. 

This show is not meant to be an account of what everyone goes through, just a look into one person’s disease. We all suffer differently, but some areas may overlap. 

If you, or someone you know, suffers from mental illness, please understand that it is a disease and seek help. The best thing you can do for a loved one is support them as if it were any other disease.

Let’s talk about it. 


March 10 @ 2pm

Skirts a Fire Festival

Cabaret Theatre at the Alberta Avenue Community League

9210 118 Avenue 

April 6 @7pm

Stage Struck 

La Cite Francaphone 8627 Rue-Anne Gaboury

Review from Edmonton Vue Weekly

There's no clowning around when it comes to mental illness. Morgan Nadeau, the solo actor and playwright of the show, strips away all of what you thought about the disease, in Silenced. In this dramatic performance, you'll embark on an incredibly personal account of Morgan's life struggling with the disease, and her unique accounts of feeling silenced throughout. Morgan juxtaposes her highs and lows, and even moments of real-life acting, by playing herself and her "happy-self" as a Pochinko Clown. Staged on a small set, Silenced is kept simple with only one box of visual props to entice your senses beyond your own imagination. A mixture between playful and painful, Morgan bares it all and if nothing else, will leave you wanting to talk about it.

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