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Clown Teaching

"The week of Clown/Mask workshops with Morgan... exceeded all my expectations. She gave very clear and concise instructions and prompts. She provided constant positive feedback, supportively (and sometimes provocatively) pushing us to go further  with each character.

Morgan's teaching style is engaging. Having extensive experience as a student in the Maskmaking herself, she's completely conversant and confident with leading the process of Mask creation and visualization. Her style is clear, direct, and to the

point. She cheerfully answers any and all questions, and has a completely honest, no-holds barred style.

I found the Maskmaking experience with Morgan to be demanding, delightful, and transformative. I developed several characters through the process with Morgan, and am looking forward to seeing how they develop further in the future.

I highly recommend Morgan Nadeau as a Clown/Mask teacher.

Michael Diack

On "Being interested and not interesting":

Learning clown has shown me that physicality is an incredibly effective form of removing boundaries and making connections. Objects are manifestations of barriers and through play, those barriers can be transformed into shared experiences. The object is an equal meeting space for both the performer and the audience. For the performer, it is a method by which intent, feeling, and purpose can exist in it's totality and, for the audience, it allows for this intent, feeling, and purpose to be accepted consensually. Fundamentally, this style of performance is voluntary and because it is voluntary, the audience is able to choose what it is that they allow themselves to experience and in what way they would like to experience it.

After taking clown, these objects begin to manifest themselves everywhere. They can come in the form of words and gifts. They can be seen in every jacket poured over cold shoulders or blanket draped over bare feet. The way you touch things will be softer and more respectful and the way you treat space will be more intent. 

Amelia Miron

What an amazing introduction to clown. Not only did I have so much fun but [I] felt very much taken care of by Morgan. I feel like this is only the beginning! I enjoyed the whole process of becoming a clown. From the eye contact exercise totes mask making to the discovery of our inner clown! 

What an amazing "release from myself".

I recommend this to anyone wanting to dive into clown who may be new to the art form. 

Lady Vanessa Cardona

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