Writing an autobiographical show about depression

I am working on my show "Silenced" for the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival. It is a show about living with depression and constantly being at war within my self.

It is very hard to write. I am trying my best to be honest about both sides of my depression and I know that it might hurt some people close to me to hear it. Especially my parents.

I am scared that they won't understand that my depression makes me perceive things in a certain way. and the I really truly felt those things.

They have always been supportive of me and my acting career, but this is the first time it is this personal. I am worried that if they come to see it they will blame themselves and feel like I am attacking them. I promise that is not my intention. I am trying to head light on the monster that is depressions.

My hope is, that in sharing my story, I might be able to help others with theirs. We need to start being more open about mental illness and talk about it in order to start to heal.