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Why Clown?

It happens all the time. I am out somewhere. With friends, or family, or even alone, and I get asked THE question: "so, what do you do?"

I know what they are thinking. Maybe she'll say she is a nurse, or a teacher, or maybe in sales or waitressing. Anything really except what I am about to say. I know my answer might cause concern depending on what area of Alberta I am in. I know that the last thing anyone expects for me to say is "I am a Professional Clown", but that is what I say.

Immediately I get a barrage of questions: "What do you mean a clown? Like floppy hats? Big shoes? Do you do birthday parties? Did you go to clown school? Can you show me a trick?"

Or even: What kind of job is that? You're kidding right? No, really, what do you do?


I am a clown.

That is my job! This is what I focus my energy and life on. I did go to clown school and I do birthday parties at times. But I also do theatre shows (that I write and create and put all of myself into), I host cabarets (for others to get their talent and hard work out into the world), and I do festivals and events (all over Western Canada).

I don't have oversized shoes, my noses don't honk, and I can't just "be funny" on command. I mean, I can try to be funny... but that isn't how it works.

I am a clown.

I am a trained Pochinko clown in practice and as an instructor. (That's right! I can teach you how to be a clown too!)

Your clown is your most inner self. Your true self. Clowns live in the NOW. No Past, no future, just now. I use this philosophy in my life a lot. It is about letting go and only holding on to things as long as you HAVE to. It is also about embracing your feelings and emotions. It is okay to be mad, or sad, or frustrated, or confused etc. as long as you don't hold on it. You can let it go when you don't need it anymore. It is a wonderful way to live life.

So many times in our society we hold on to things that we don't need; excess baggage. But following the clown philosophy I am aloud to drop that bag off and let it go.

So how do you get there? What does it take to be a clown?

Richard Pochinko created this style of clown by fusing the Lacoq style (French, traditional clown style) with the Native American Medicine Wheel. Through the Pochinko process you create 6 masks. One for each direction of the universe, which in turn, are the directions of yourself: Below Below, South, West, North, East, and Above Above.

Confused yet?

Don't worry, it is all a matter of personal perspective. Who are you? In this life? In this room? As a part of the universe?

It may seem like a hard thing to do, but finding all of this is easily guided out. It is all inside of you. There is no wrong or right here. There is only truth and honesty.

So, want to be a clown yet?

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